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8DAOIP - 10 - Season 6 Proposal

Executive Summary

The 8DAO contributor team hereby present the Season 6 (1 Oct 2023 - 31 Mar 2024) Proposal to 8DAO members.

Strategic 6 Goal

“Grow the treasury via opportunities in Ethereum Ecosystem”

In season 6, the Executive Committee has agreed to set a new strategic goal: “Grow the treasury via opportunities in Ethereum Ecosystem”. As a NFT and DAO focused community, the team believes ethereum will continue to play a leading role in the coming cycle. Focusing opportunities in the ethereum making our capital allocation more efficient through the team and community’s knowledge and experience of the ethereum. As the time length of the bear market continues to be unclear, we believe it’s in the community’s best interest to maintain operating costs at a low level. Here are the key content of the proposal:

  1. Convert 60% of treasury 150,000 USDT/USDC to ETH. Option by Executive committee to stake the ETH in low-risk protocols to earn passive income for the treasury

  2. NFT fund will continue to look for NFT investment opportunities in Ethereum

  3. Extend seasonal length from 3 months to 6 months. This will help to reduce administrative hours which lead to lower operating costs

  4. Instead of proposing goals and tasks by each contributor at the beginning of each season in the past, from season 6, all contributors' roles and contribution hours will be set at a level that maintains the basic operation functions of each position. A general budget will given to the Executive Committee to decide if to support certain initiatives proposed by the contributors or the community in the middle of the season

  5. As the executive committee agreed to slow down venture investment given the market conditions, rotation of the Investment Committee will be paused.

  6. Down size contributor team from 10 to 6 people and strictly control the hours to control compensation expense

Consolidated Season 6 Budget


Season 6 Proposal Contributing Team


Full version of the Proposal

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5 months ago

8DAOIP - 8 - Season 4 Proposal

Executive Summary

The contributors hereby present the Season 4 (1 April - 30 June 2023) Proposal to 8DAO members.

Strategic 4 Goal

“Enhance Treasury Economics”

The purpose is to establish a sustainable financial mechanism for 8DAO. We expect the bear market will last for an extended period of time, and a closer look at our costs and cash position is a prudent arrangement. 3 main points:

Focus on cost control and the financial benefits of all DAO initiatives. A positive cash flow mindset.

Explore different capital allocation options. Study the possibility of deploying capital across different options. Capital growth while taking on calculated risks acceptable to the community.

Prioritize new initiatives that can bring in cash flow or liquid assets in the short term.

Major executive structure change:

A new, flatter team structure to replace the old block leader + contributor system. We envision 9 unit leads spearheading the various functions of 8DAO, with other general contributors reporting to them. All unit leads are candidates for the executive committee. We will implement an election process in which all contributors vote (5 votes each, open voting) to select the 5 Executive Committee members. The election takes place once at the beginning of each season.


Executive committee key functions:

Handle the following key decision making for 8DAO a. Approve use of treasury funds for all expenses exceeding USDC 1000, within each seasonal budget b. Approve partnerships c. Approve contributors’ commitment hours and compensation d. Select investment committee members

Review and approval of seasonal budget proposal

Main Objectives of executive structure change:

Ensure Executive Committee members who have the power to make core executive decisions are those who are recognised and voted in by fellow contributors, in terms of their decision making ability, contribution performance, integrity and putting 8DAO interests first.

Meritocratic Progression - Ensure new contributors who perform well have the opportunity to enter the core decision making group, the Executive Committee.

Increase the number of contributors doing peer assessment. Improve accountability

Making the DAO function not reliant on any individual. Reduce key-man risk.

Making the executive structure more flat, with more specific roles focused on leveraging each contributor's core skill set.

Consolidated Season 3 Budget

Screen Shot 2023-03-25 at 11.50.05 PM.png

Season 3 Proposal Contributing Team

S4 Contributors.png

Full version of the Proposal

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1 year ago

8DAOIP - 7 - Season 3 Proposal

Executive Summary

As we are approaching the end of Season 2 (1 October - 31 December 2022), the core contributors hereby present the Season 3(1 January - 31 March 2023) Proposal to all the 8DAO members. In Season 3, our development focus will remain the same as Season 2, which is creating value to token utility. The slogan for Season 3 is “Build Token utility”. From the perspective of core contributors, it is an important goal for our DAO and the complexity of its nature requires more than one season to build. We will be building on what we have established in season 2 and continue to bring further value to DAO token utility. The key points of Season 3 Proposal are set out below:

Strategic Goals

Create value for 8DAO tokens. “Build Token Utility”.

Coordination Block

  • Blocks coordination. Coordinate and support all blocks functioning well
  • Ambassador. Represent 8DAO to introduce or present in gathering, interview, seminars, conference and other events
  • Explore new initiatives. Line up with strategy block to discuss and plan new initiatives

DAO & Investment Block

During the course of Season 3, the DAO & Investment Block will:

  • Continue closely reviewing the governance structure and process, propose -amendment once necessary
  • Continue exploring all kinds of partnership to further build our ecosystem
  • Continue exploring investment opportunities and grow with the projects

Strategy Block

The Strategy Block will continue to work with block leaders to drive towards 8DAO’s seasonal goal. Facilitate discussions and provide advice. Help Block Leaders plan and review their plans and tasks, apply structured and critical thinking to different initiatives. Meanwhile, we further engage with different contributors and community members to solicit feedback and ideas for the DAO’s strategic development.

NFT & Community Block

The key focus for Season 3 is to continue growing the number of quality members in 8DAO, and at the same time explore how our block initiatives contribute to building token utility. This season we grow from 3 to 4 working units: 1. Administration, 2. Content, 3. Social Media, and 4. NFT to execute on our key initiatives.

Treasury Block

The key focus for this Season will be exploring more web3 tools to improve 8DAO productivity and contributor’s using experience; preparing reports to members for operational transparency.

Consolidated Season 3 Budget

Screen Shot 2022-12-29 at 12.15.19 AM.png

Season 3 Proposal Contributing Team

Screen Shot 2022-12-28 at 11.53.33 PM.png

Full version of the Proposal

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1 year ago

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